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The stories below are intended as examples of clients who may find a best fit with RVPF.

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Meet Jordan and Taylor

Jordan and Taylor are a dual-physician couple with two children. Time and energy are their most precious resources. They used to be more diligent about managing their finances, but now find that they would rather spend their precious time in other ways. Their financial planning goals are plan for retirement and college, minimize taxes, manage a recent windfall inheritance and eventually transition to working part-time while their kids are still in the home. They value relatively frugal living with experiences, such as traveling together, being more important than accumulating material possessions. They are committed to being generous including gifts to their favored charities of public radio and Empower Tanzania. Their partnership with RVPF is ongoing with an annual retainer paid monthly plus management of their IRAs and non-retirement investments .

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Meet Jessica and Quinn

Jessica is an O-4 military physician and recently arrived at her second permanent duty station. She is busy managing her new responsibilities and navigating military benefits while preparing for an upcoming deployment. Jessica's spouse, Quinn, is self-employed, works form home and seeks guidance on issues specific to military spouses. They would like to have children soon and seek to be as financially prepared for this major life transition. They are considering whether Jessica will separate from service, transition to the Reserves or Guard, or remain on active duty. Their preferred charities are the USO and The March of Dimes. Jessica and Quinn chose RVPF for Betsy's experience working with military members and veterans. They partner with RVPF for comprehensive planning including guidance on their DIY investments such as the TSP (Thrift Savings Plan).


Meet Elly

Elly is a PGY3. She is committed to becoming the best physician possible. Managing student loans, improving her retirement plan, saving for an international vacation to Tuscany and eventually replacing her aging Prius are her top financial goals. Her charitable giving is directed to a community youth organization where she previously volunteered in a free clinic. Elly desires ongoing financial planning services and partners with RVPF for ongoing financial planning paid monthly.

Female Student

Meet Lucy

Lucy is an MS4. She has income from student loans and her jobs as a teaching assistant and fitness instructor. Her financial concerns are preparing to move across the country for residency, choosing a disability insurance policy, and establishing a stronger emergency savings fund. She looks forward to initiating a dedicated charitable giving plan soon. She connects with RVPF for two hours via video conference software at a rate of $175/hour.

Initial and ongoing Financial Planning fees are based upon complexity and always agreed upon prior to any work being completed. View RVPF's ADV Part 2A here.

Why a fiduciary financial planner?

The term fiduciary has its root in the the Latin word fido, meaning "to trust or confide in."  Not all individuals who work in financial services share the same duty of loyalty to their clients. RVPF is not only bound by regulation to act in a fiduciary capacity, but they do so as a matter of choice as well.