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Financial advisors should reflect the highest ideals of honesty and integrity.

There is rarely one right way, but rather many paths to success.

In a fiduciary standard at all times.

Project Based Planning

Address a single or multiple areas of concern such as developing a retirement projection with cash flow and income tax reports, determining how to invest your 401(k) and IRA, setting up a 529, or choosing when to file for Social Security benefits. RVPF also assists with determining needs for disability and life insurance and then sorting through policy options. It's fiduciary advice only as RVPF doesn't sell insurance or earn commissions. Rates vary based on complexity beginning at $150.

Project Based planning is akin to hiring an architect or interior designer to plan a home renovation They might focus on a single room or you might ask them generate a top to bottom renovation. The choice is yours!

Investment Management

Navigating investments can be overwhelming. While many clients choose to manage their own investments with assistance from RVPF, others prefer to outsource these tasks.


Assets are held at Charles Schwab Inc. with an option to add management of employer-based plans through a secure third-party provider to facilitate comprehensive household management. Assets Under Management fees are competitively priced from .48%-.84% annually. Households with assets managed by RVPF in excess of $500,000 receive a reduction in financial planning fees.

Asset management is similar to hiring a general contractor for your home project and to coordinate multiple components.

Hourly Consulting

Hourly Consulting is right for someone primarily seeking education or just "another set of eyes". Some clients choose to begin with an hourly consult to address pressing financial questions whereas others begin with a project-based engagement and then switch to hourly as other questions develop. 

Hourly consulting is $250/hr with reductions for enlisted military personnel, pre-deployers, and anyone seeking only budget or credit counseling. 

Hourly Consulting is like having an architect, interior designer or contractor walk through your home to discuss your DIY renovation with you.

Afternoon Light

Financial Planning at the Right Time in the Right Place

Because your life is busy, services are offered either in-person or virtually via video conference with no commute, no dressing up, and no fuss. We'll get to know one another and then get the list of to-dos checked off.


If you are ready to get started, schedule a complimentary introductory session.

Thank you for your interest in RVPF. Due to high demand, new clients are being accepted primarily through referrals. Fill out the form at the bottom of this page to subscribe to email communications or to be added to the wait list.

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